Thursday, 17 March 2011

A new friend on St Patrick's Day

I took the dog to the pub at lunchtime today (well it is Saint Patrick's day so I don't mind admitting that it may have been a little before midday) and made a new friend at the Argonaut, on the increasingly awesome H Street Corridor.  Maybe I put her off by ranting about how "building condominiums in old neighbourhoods destroys local people's chances of being able to afford to raise a family there" only to find she lives in one such condo - oopsy!

This new friend, a former husky owner herself, is keen to explore the neighbourhood with me and Tock. It was of course Tock who dragged me over to H Street - he seems to love it there.  What is it about H Street that appeals to hounds?  Maybe all the digging for the new streetcar tracks, or the abundance of jerk chicken joints (hmm my money is on the latter).

Anyway, the Argonaut rocked.  For $7.70 I got a lemonade and a large plate of scrummy french fries with aioli and curry dips, plus a complimentary bowl of water for Tock.  Very dog friendly.  Only humans can sit out on the terrace at the Argonaut, but dogs can be tethered just on the other side of the railings.  I think I'll visit again tomorrow as it's supposed to be another beautiful spring day.  I'll do whatever it takes to keep that dog happy.  I'm good like that, y'know.

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