About me

This failing feminist is taking two years out from a good UK Government job and following her beautiful American fiance as he takes his career to the heart of his nation, Washington DC.  While he works, I wait in our wonderful new home for immigration to bless me with permission to marry him - maybe then I can get my own bank account and even a job!

Since moving here from London, England on Dec 17th 2010, the big question I have been asked over and over is what will I be doing with myself until the visa comes through?  We have no kids, no pets and no family nearby.  I have a Master's Degree, speak a few foreign languages and can play musical instruments, sing, act, dance, paint and draw.  I had no real desire to learn a new skill.  I recognised there were a lot of aspects of my move that the folks back home wanted to hear about - and I discovered blogging.

So, I'll be using this "down-time" to immerse myself in the American Way -  and you can read about my adventures on this site.

One last thing: this blog is anonymised; we use the nicknames Hank and Georgia to protect my fiance's privacy.

Thanks for reading.

Beautifully-painted "junk" shop in Utah.  From the Hank and Georgia West Country roadtrip,  Jun 2010

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