Hank blogs back - GRAND OPENING!

Hey folks,

Eureka! I'll write myself thinner.
Are you all enjoying my darling Georgia's blog?  Well, of course you are.  She really is something.  She seems to find inspiration everywhere.  Just this past Sunday, while Georgia was snacking on a few slices of greasy pizza at Union Station, she saw a stand selling salads and, in no time at all, sketched out her "macrobiotic diet" story-line.  I won't give away the ending, but I can safely say she's not going with my suggestion of merging the diet story with our "puppy" story-line in a tragic case of mistaken foodstuff.

(Don't panic.  We will acquire a dog (or wolf) one day, but we'll have to leave the house to get it, and - as Georgia puts it - "it's cooooooold out there.")

Georgia's creativity is so expansive, it actually encompasses other people's creativity.  Just as I apparently am given to "pretending", she has an impressive knack for...well..."borrowing."  Remember her "no-bucket diet" idea?  She truly deserves a round of applause for borrowing that one.

(Warning: expressive language)

Don't get me wrong.  I love her.  She came into my chrome, leather, and black furniture world like Julie Andrews on rocket skates - only prettier, kinder, and more hyperactive.  Every day, she finds clever new ways to make me laugh.  At myself usually.  And I'd be pretending if I said I'd have it any other way.


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