Sunday, 6 May 2012

Return of the blog?

So, you probably noticed, I've been a bit slack on the blog front since getting legally married in October of last year.  I've worried that this silence would feed misconceptions that life after marriage can be encapsulated in the sentence "happily ever after" when the truth is closer to this:  the continuous striving for happiness and self-fulfilment simply enters a new cycle when you marry.  There is so much I have wanted to tell you!  And what has changed, indeed the ONLY thing that has changed since marriage, is that I have had much less free time to blog....

So, reader, what do you say?  Should I revive this blog?  Is there still somewhere to go now that my visa status is resolved?  What will I complain about?

Ok first of all, you NEED to see this.  With the campaign for Mayor Of London hotting up back in the city hosting 2012's Olympics, you'll come to recognise the part-buffoon, part-bigot Mayor of the most diverse city in the world, Boris Johnson.  So try not to actually soil your undergarments laughing when you see this

And reader, frankly, I have missed sharing with you this level of trivial entertainment. If you want to see this blog back in action, send me your comments - frank and honest, abusive... You know me well ....  Come as you are ...  

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