Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just one last Visa Waiver

Wangled my way back into DC yesterday afternoon, after just a week away.  This is my third tourist (waiver) visa in six months.   I was so nervous that they wouldn't let me back in but the thought of my dog's anxiety about being home alone kept me focused.  I think it helped that the first time that I entered the USA during my application processing time, I'd brought a letter from my boss, proving that I was still employed at that point.  Also, working in Law Enforcement probably helped, as did originating in a Visa Waiver country.  This time round, thanks are no doubt also due to my good friend Emma in London who practiced her new trade (eyelash extensions) on me before I left - I'm pretty sure they helped the guy at the immigration desk decide to let me in, and are probably also behind the free slice of pizza a server gave me at We The Pizza last night.  While we were there the owner, Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn, swung by in his Bentley looking super cool and chatted with the staff and customers.  Hank had noticed the car pull up and I asked him if he though the driver was the owner.  He said the driver was definitely the driver but he wasn't sure who owned the car.  This made me chuckle at our difference: Hank focused on the Bentley, me The Pizza. 

Better go feed the chow hound.  He's doing a lot better now that he is not home alone.  His walker (Carly from FurPals) was amazing with him and very patient.  The only reason I can see for his persistent "elimination" in the house is separation anxiety.  Apparently it's very common in huskies, and this boy has not been alone in a house for years, if ever.  It hardly bears thinking about but if we cannot train him to stay at home and relax while Hank and I are out, we may have to get ....  a second husky.

I know.  Trust me.  That's the last resort.

PS Big shout out to Ryan and Tanya, new readers of my blog and to Bailey, the big chocolate lab. 

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