Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Back on the blog

It has been too long, friends.

In the two weeks since I last blogged, Hank and I have toured the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, ridden horses around the Red Rock Canyon, shot four different machine guns and a 50 calibre Desert Eagle, solved a Las Vegas Mystery Adventure, drunk too much at the Hofbrauhaus, ate too much at buffets (everywhere), got "married" by Elvis, ridden around town in an open top bus singing along to our favourite tunes with our pals, partied in the wraparound terrace suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel with awesome views over the strip, drunk bubbling red liquid from an improbably large challis at the Rio's VooDoo lounge, eaten dinner in the Stratosphere's revolving restaurant, got "comped" at the MGM to a high roller suite with an outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace ... and so much more.

Where to begin?  You'll surely be wanting photos and those of you who know me personally should get in touch for the full (edited) album in due course. For everyone else, the least offensive pics are being uploaded, a few at a time onto their very own page.


PS If you are wondering where the pictures of the wedding itself are, the answer is that we don't yet own the copyright to them.  We are negotiating with the King and will let you know the outcome.

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