Monday, 7 February 2011

A three-legged step too far

Last night Hank and I tidied up to host a Superbowl party.  I got the vacuum cleaner out for the first time since Tock arrived.  Tock seemed not very bothered but as I moved towards his crate, he did move behind Hank (Tock always likes to be in front) and then when Hank went upstairs, Tock disappeared into the downstairs loo.  This surprised me, so I wandered towards him.  Relieved to see he was no longer in the loo, I began to turn away but then something caught my eye.  Tock was standing on three legs and the raised leg was up above the coffee table.  Could he be ...?  I got closer.  NO NO NO!!!  Right on the coffee table, the rug (again!) and worst of all, Hank's beautiful leather and canvas-bound photography books!

Hank was really, really upset about his books (many of which were gifts) although he hid it well from the dog.  We cleaned up the pee and sprayed the area with disinfectant and a lemon scented spray to discourage Tock from remembering that this was a potty site for him.  Then I resprayed the table with  bitter yuck as the last thing we want is Tock licking the place he pee'd on.

Tock went into the yard while I finished the vacuuming. He didn't resume his interrupted toilet routine out there. Nor was he apologetic, which is unlike him when he has done something wrong.  I think this means it was my fault, not his  Even a big stud does get scared sometimes, and it is my job to look out for the signs.  When a dog owner scares a 6-year old dog so much he wets himself indoors, that is bad dog ownership.

For every challenging behaviour Tock demonstrates, he brings something else wonderful.  Yesterday morning at 9:30, Hank ran Tock to the Washington Memorial while I biked alongside them. It was a perfect spring day and the Mall was nearly empty.  Usually on a Sunday morning, Hank and I would be sleeping in.  At the risk of being cheesy, yesterday it felt like we were in a movie.  Later we took a now exhausted Tock for his second introduction to Kosmo and it went very well,  the two alpha males getting almost nose to nose without lunging at each other.  But most surprisingly, when the guests arrived for Superbowl (go Packers!) Tock sniffed around in the kitchen before lying down by the front door, showing no interest in the chicken wings, nachos, devilled eggs or American Football.  He was wonderfully well-behaved and did not even try to squeeze out the door as the guests departed.  We were so happy that we we took him for an extra night-time walk even though we were exhausted.  As we returned Hank pointed to one of our flower beds and I saw a tiny crocus had popped its head through the earth.  It is the beginning of a beautiful spring in DC and I couldn't be happier.

Yesterday Hank ordered Tock a dog tag with our address on.   Of course, Tock just pee'd in our front room so the tag is just in case we decide to keep him, it doesn't mean anything.  It's just in case, ok?

We are also registering Tock with a vet and getting him some insurance.  Just in case we keep him.

The photography books are staying on the book shelf though.  And that is definitely just in case.

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  1. Re: Toilet habits. I feel your pain!


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