Thursday, 3 February 2011

The husky diet - lose weight the fast way!

The new husky exhausted us yesterday.  I mean, totally wiped us out.  I took him for a run and two walks, totalling over five hours of exercise and he still strained not to go back indoors.  We walked and ran over seven miles along the National Mall and back.  I don't begrudge him, because it was a stunning blue-skied Groundhog day (traditionally the start of spring in the USA),  I was just despairing that Tock's appetite for outdoor exercise was insatiable anywhere outside of a farm environment.  And perhaps that would force us to return him to Celtic Acres.  But that all changed when Hank got home.

Hank pounded the husky's paws with an hour-long Capitol Hill run.  The dog came home exhausted and has slept pretty much non-stop ever since.  Our dog-savvy friends Brandon and Dennis popped round to meet Tock last night and advised us to withhold dinner until the dog is hungry enough to sit on command.  They were absolutely right.  Tock bounded out of his crate this morning, acting all macho but then "sat" to cue for a snack -  the first time yet.   He's not just tired, he's now also hungry enough to do what he is told. 

Not so hyperactive now!
It took six hours of exercise to do this to our new Husky.
Tock showed off his wonderful friendly temperament to Brandon and Dennis.  He clearly utterly adores Hank, probably because Hank pets him with the grip of a seasoned wrestler which Tock prefers to my tickles and scratching behind his ears.

This morning we discovered a new dog park, three blocks from home, with a large grass area and digging sites.  I'd never even walked in that direction before so the dog is already getting me out and about more.  I sprinted Tock up and down the grass until he was visibly tired.  (Fortunately this didn't take long; I hate sprinting!) When I got him home, he passed out on the carpet.  Yep, even huskies have their limits.  And it seems possible that maybe, just about, between me and Hank we can keep this wolf happy.

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