Friday, 4 February 2011

Does this thing have any brakes?

Tock has one blue eye and one brown.  They say bi-eyed Huskies have one eye on this world while the other looks into the mystical world.  Tock has one eye on squirrels, while the other eye looks out for cats to chase and "beta" male dogs to terrify.

Tock is still exhausting me.  Worse today because Hank only ran him for 30 mins yesterday.  I refused to go on another two-hour lunch walk and took Tock to meet Hank at the station after work instead.  We introduced Tock at the local pet store, where he was much admired by everyone except the small poodles.  In a desperate attempt to stop him eating our furniture or starting to bark, whine or howl for attention (not a problem yet but there's always a risk) we forked out for a Kong chewing toy, plus a second treat-dispensing chewing toy and some bitter spray to make our furniture taste unpleasant to dogs.  Hank also splashed out on a super-strong extendable leash and tonight I will order saddle bags, designed to weight Tock down with his own drinking water as we run.  That should even the odds!  So far this dog is costing us an arm and a leg (right arm - socket all but dislocated, left leg caked in mud).  As a final "thank you" for our hard work, Tock rolled in another dog's turd at the dog park and stank so much we had to sponge bath him for 20 mins before letting him back in the house.  One good thing did come out of the dog park: we met a fellow husky owner and his husky (Cody) was running around off the leash.  Because Huskies are bred to pull, run and keep on running, they are generally too huge a flight risk to let off leash.  But in Lincoln Park, there are so many dogs that apparently they have no desire to run away.  This chap adopted Cody when she was one year old so I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Hank is running Tock to the Washington Memorial now so I have a brief breather, but I'd better get all my jobs done in this narrow window.  I imagine this is how new parents must feel - permanently exhausted and continuously changing from one set of sweatpants into another.  I have had three showers today and still stink.  Good lord.  To think I used to wear high heels once!

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