Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dog eat dog world

My dog tried to eat another dog this morning.  Specifically: a three month old labrador puppy.

This did not make me popular with the puppy's owner.  

It was weird, one minute Tock was sniffing the puppy through the iron railings, the next minute he had shoved his face through the gap and trapped the puppy's entire muzzle in his own.  I was horrified but I managed to yank his leash and yelled "leave it!" and Tock dropped the puppy and sat.  The puppy had squealed in fear... and then came back to have another sniff of Tock.  I don't get it.  Is this a dog thing?

There were no signs that Tock had broken the puppy's skin, which I know his teeth are very capable of since I have watched him snap through his chicken spinal columns in one go.   So I guess maybe it is a dog's way of saying "don't mess with me"?  And the reason the puppy came back for more was its way of saying "ok, you're the boss, I get it!"  Well, whatever the case, I did not stick around for a second encounter.  I moved Tock along quickly and we both sloped home with our heads hung low.

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