Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Husky, again

You must be bored of hearing about Tock, who is still dominating my life.  Yesterday we met yet another DC husky (an aggressive female - Tock's kinda chick!)  whose owner reassured me that huskies calm down after about 6 years of age.  I live in hope as last night I was so tired I fell asleep with my head on the dining table. 

More Police Officers continue to approach me to befriend my dog every single day than I would usually speak to in a year.  So many strapping young men in uniform ask me about Tock that I wonder why I never invested in such a man-magnet when I was single.

Of course, like every day, yesterday had its "Tock tribulations". I went to meet a friend at the Natural History Museum after Tock's lunchtime walk, and was away for 3.5 hours.  When I got back Tock had released explosive diarrhea all over the hallway, but at least we had gated him out of the carpeted areas.  I kinda saw it coming and was mentally prepared:  he'd been eating grass on his morning walk (often a sign of dog indigestion) and over the last few days he'd begged me to open the patio door a couple of times for "emergency evacuations".  He hates the boxed-in patio so it was clear something was wrong.  I'm keeping a closer eye on him today and he is currently tethered in front of the house while I sit on the stoop and type.  It's a lovely day in DC and Tock seems happy outdoors, plus this is a good way to socialise him to dogs walking past, without him being able to assault them.  And if he should get explosive diarrhea again, it won't hurt the shrubbery to receive an early layer of manure. 


  1. Oh no! What a mess! Poor Tock. I hope he's feeling ok.

  2. He's fine, don't worry. Anyway, it was worth it to reclaim a tiny part of my social life!. He seems much better now and I didn't give him a hard time about the "incident". He was repentant, though, as he sat for the whole time I was cleaning up after him. It must have been tough for him to be trapped and wanting to go outdoors to poo. But we will all survive!!!

  3. I have fond memories of Alaskan Huskies on my paper route. They were the only dogs that did not wake up the neighborhood by barking when I came by! Very sociable, as well.


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