Monday, 25 April 2011

Royal wedding

image of Union JackIn what I can only describe as a school girl error, I've just agreed to go over to a friend's house to watch the Royal Wedding at 4.30 on Friday.  I did not realise that this was in fact 4.30am; Wills and Kate have most unhelpfully scheduled their wedding for the middle of the day in their time zone.  Would it be rude to confess to this generous spirited friend that I in fact don't love the Royal Family enough to get up at 4am, don a lacy hat and floral frock and saunter over for a 4.30am start?  Hmmmm.

What would be wrong with watching the wedding in slow time? It could surely wait until 6am, no?  Does that make me unpatriotic?  How about 8am, then?  Treason?  

4.30 then.  Jeez. At least this amusing link from Laura in London (thanks Laura!) made me chuckle. If the Royal Wedding really were the way T-Mobile envisaged it, now THAT would be worth getting out of bed for!

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  1. Also not madly enough in love with Will and Kate....25 April 2011 at 11:03

    HA!!! That is ridiculously early- who gets married at 10 AM on a Friday? 10 PM made SOOO much more sense. It is Friday- people WORK at 10 am. Jeez. Epic fail- let's reconvene this conversation.


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