Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding has no Amazon Gift Registry

Make your own Royal Wedding paper dolls.
Does this crap never end?
Kate and Will don't have an Amazon Wedding Gift Registry.  (I just checked.)

What kind of people are they?  I'd have liked to send them a toaster.  How will I know if Prince Philip has beaten me to it? 

Apparently the royal couple have pledged to donate all gifts to charity.  As one hilarious American friend, Tom, pointed out last night; they are a charity!  

At 07:43am I've not yet watched the DVR'd wedding but, I confess, I just sneaked a peek at Kate Middleton's dress online.  She looked stunning.  May just be enough to save the future Monarchy from Prince Charles's ears. 

Seeing photos of Westminster has made me a tiny bit homesick.   I used to work just across the road from Westminster Abbey and I know that, in reality, the throngs of people camping out overnight, eating in my favourite lunch spots and clogging up the Underground station would've annoyed the heck out of me.  Why did these people not take the Government up on its kind offer of three days of Annual Leave for 11 days off over Easter, the wedding and May Day holidays?  I'd be in the Caribbean by now!

Back to reality with a bump: immigration paperwork and two siblings' weddings call me home to London for a month and half.  I will miss my handsome Prince and faithful wolf hound so much but it will be worth it to be able to marry Hank lawfully when I return- at last!  That'll truly be a Dream Wedding.   Just me and the man I love getting hitched at the Courthouse at lunchtime.  Awesome.  

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