Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Had some great shouts from other bloggers recently and thought you might like to know who your fellow readers are and how they find their way to these pages:

The Washington Post picked up my entry on the Japanese earthquake:

Anthony, a British ex-Pat in Atlanta:

And a number of other exPats continue to find their way to my blog from:

This week, my humble blog has been visited 64 times by people in the USA, 46 times by Brits, twice by Germans, once each by a Brazilian, a Finn, an Israeli, an Indian, a Kiwi and someone in Vietnam.  To think that you people is such remote places are reading my blog is awesome!  Although I'll never know who you all are,  I'd love for you to be more interactive.   Send me amusing articles, links, YouTube stuff that made you laugh.  Comment on my entries.  Become a Follower or sign up for the e-notifications on the right of this article.  You're always welcome to tweet my links and publish entries on Facebook.  I'm as new to the world of blogging as you may be to reading it, so get in touch if you have any questions, requests, comments, feedback.

Thanks for your support!

PS In response to one bit of feedback I have received from Elise on my blog entry Warning: Don't try this at work!

We're getting quite good at this now, so here's a more challenging video for you!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! It's appreciated! :)

  2. Hey Anthony, only too happy to link to your blog as it interests me so much!

    On a separate note, to everyone else, the UK has just overtaken the US with 75 visitors on my blog this week, vs just 74 from the US. C'mon you Americans!

  3. You are totally famous. Move over Kate Middleton washington post headliner article- let the queen-to-be of the blogosphere get by please. As for this challenging karaoke- this is yet another song I basically know all of the words by heart to already. I shall perform for you while Hank bbqs for us next week. Keep going Georgia- eventually you will find one that stumps me :-)


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