Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Off the hook

Thanks to my generous friend, I'm no longer going to have to pretend to care enough about Wills and Kate to get up at 04:30. NICE!

My biggest issue with the wedding is the devious way in which Middleton's mother allegedly orchestrated the relationship. She reportedly placed her daughter in the same University as William, on the same course as William, in the hope of her daughter one day becoming Queen of England. Well, if that is the case, at least it worked out for her.  Failure would have been a bit like fattening up to become a Sumo player, only to find you suck at wrestling.

The future Queen of England faces many challenges, not least of all releasing (inevitably) a line of clothes for Top Shop whilst avoiding the Beckhams at social occasions. Good luck to Kate.  She seems like a nice enough lady.  And at least future Monarchs of Britain shall not be ugly.

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