Monday, 24 January 2011

Britain vs America - do I really have to take sides?

Some of my friends back in the UK are advising me that my blog is too pro-American, especially after I declared that the American Revolution was understandable.  For me, though, this isn't really an American vs British thing;  I believe that Colonialism, although a great style of architecture, was a pretty ugly chapter of global history.  My parents' homeland (Sri Lanka) - is only just recovering from the violent consequences of divide and conquer.  Under certain circumstances it seems right to reject colonial occupation violently, if you can.  It's a testament to the Americans that they decided - and succeeded - in asserting their independence.   Their drive and determination to self-govern was surely drawn from their British roots, though?  So when Americans ask me what Britain has ever given the world, I respond cheekily with "America".

Aside from the whole issue of whether or not British Colonialism was ok, it has become apparent to me, since moving to the State-less State of DC that taxation without representation really does suck.  Not sure I'd go to war over it, though, as this armchair is just soooo comfortable.  Instead I'll leave you with the words of a British comedian featuring in Jon Stewart's Daily Show, John Oliver:

John Oliver on America

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