Monday, 17 January 2011

1000 pageviews! Thanks, mum!

And, and, AND ... the macrobiotic diet is working! I've shed a lot of weight from my bloated belly (this is useful for countering sneaky glances at my abdomen when I announce to a new acquaintance that Hank and I are getting married in Vegas).  Another bonus is that my appetite has reduced significantly because, when all you can eat is cardboard and rice, frankly, why would you bother to eat at all?

Yes, the detox is working!  I asked Hank to show some solidarity by giving up drinking beer for a month and he said he would - but, you got it, he was pretending.  Upon interrogation he confessed he really won't drink beer - he will simply freeze it and eat it in cubes.

Today's link is for all the military fans out there:

Desert camouflage really works!  Just not in the desert.

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