Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 is here: Happy New Year to you!

Good morning, dear reader.  As the first day of 2011 dawns on Washington DC, I - like many others - reflect on a year of underachievement and overspending.  Collectively we not only failed to stick to last year's New Year's Resolutions, we can't actually even remember what they were.

But this year will be different.  Oh yes.

Resolution number 1:

I will eat a strictly macrobiotic diet of leaves, pulses, beans and cardboard, no alcohol, no wheat, no dairy, no meat.  For one month at least. Before the wedding on Feb 26th.  (After the wedding I am going back to burgers and fries, ok?  Let's try to be a bit realistic.)

Resolution number 2:

C'mon, did you read number one? Surely that was enough!  What do you want, blood?

And finally, if your 2010 was more of an annus horribilis than a vintage year, then click on this sketch from David O Doherty: "My Beefs 2010" and hear how other people really are the problem.


Click here if the embedded video produces no sound

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