Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Multicultural harmony - now everyone is rioting together!

The Olympic torching of London is now passing from the hands of young black men in the capital city to young men and women of all ethnicities across the UK.  As the situation in town appears to be calming down [GOLDEN RULE: Do NOT, I repeat, NOT, annoy the six bazillion angry coppers have been forced back to work today, with their holidays cancelled] Manchester and Nottingham have found themselves drawn into the mire.

The prime targets remain electrical goods stores, sports clothing outlets and alcohol and booze vendors.  All legitimate political targets because they are ... er ... glass-fronted?

The looters will feel the full weight of the law, Prime Minister Cameron says.  So, they'll be forced to do a whole week of community service.  And even that can only happen if they are thick enough not to say "oh yeah I did have that TV in my hands as I walked out of the shop but I left it at the end of the road when a grown up told me that stealing is illegal ... Someone else must have walked off with it after that."

It's all just good news really!

At least one brave granny had the right idea as looters ran amok in her local high street (and let's forgive her REALLY bad language - she's angry).

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