Thursday, 4 August 2011

A monkey waiting to find its talents

Say cheese: The monkeys were intrigued by their reflection in the camera lens This macaque monkey stole a tourist's camera and took his own picture with it in a national park in Indonesia.  Perhaps this monkey is in the wrong job? 

Perhaps a lot of us are in the wrong job.

I've been thinking today about something so personal and - frankly-  dark  I find it hard to talk about it in all but the most public of forums.  So it falls to my private online memoirs - this here blog - to explore this in depth.

You see, I've been nursing a growing feeling that I might not actually be very good at things.  

This suspicion stems from several unforced errors I've made in the workplace recently: an e-invite sent to the wrong person here; a phone number mis-transcribed there.  Two or three times a day.  Is it just me who makes mistakes this frequently?

In my new job I send up to 60 emails a day, often completing over 50 transactions, across two computer monitors, and covering up to three team-members' inboxes in addition to my own.  So perhaps that's why I'm making more mistakes.  Perhaps that's all it is: tiredness.


But maybe ... well...  maybe humans aren't supposed to be in a job where we are required to be 100% accurate 100% of the time in such a relentlessly busy role?  Or perhaps only certain humans are.  Like, ones who care...?

Hmmm, this will subject require more thought, monkey features.   Hold that pose!

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