Friday, 12 August 2011

Believe in young people

I am leaving London.  Just for the weekend, though.  Gonna try and sneak into DC for a few days to see my lovely Hank.

If I had my way, I'd not be coming back.  But, I will return to the Lord of the Flies streets of London on Wednesday.

Ok, ok, some sanity has returned to the streets of England.  And amongst the middle-class dinner table debates about Broken Britain and how the crack-stunted offspring of single parents are destroying the planet one evil Tweet at a time, Hank sent me this link to an uplifting story about a child changing the world

Half the world is under 25.  I must find ways to keep alive my hopes for the younger generation  And if you are interested in getting younger people to take a more active role in developing the world around them, there are plenty of good causes out there.  Restless Development is pretty popular with my work colleagues right now, because in addition to getting youngsters to develop themselves and each other, the organisation also gets young people to advocate for each other, to spread the message of how poverty is a reality for children all around the world, and to put pressure on politicians and philanthropists to keep investing in development, whatever the economic climate.

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