Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Came back on the red-eye from DC this morning after a wonderful weekend with Hank and two UK friends, Jake and Ian, who popped in en route to the Bahamas.

Hank is still so handsome that his face is prohibited under the Public Order Act in 13 states, and he has got decidedly buff from running Tock twice a day and doing chin ups in his spare time.   He has fixed up our home even more, painted walls, hung pictures, constructed raised flower beds on the patio and built me a craft storage cabinet for my cratefuls of art materials aka "macaroni necklaces".  He has been working hard and everything looks amazing.  The dog is behaving really well and is calm and friendly to other dogs now.  Maybe I should go away more often!

No..... Just a few more months and I will be able to join them all stateside.  Poor Hank has been alone for 3.5 months now.  So, I'm just waiting for my current employer to backfill my post before I can move on.  I still have no idea what to do with myself when I finally get out there.   If you have any inspired ideas, please do share ...

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