Monday, 20 December 2010

A poinsettia is not just for Christmas

We were visited today by British friends Simon and Kathy and their lovely son Sam from London, all en route to spend Christmas in New York.  We had hoped to look around the Capitol area but it is really too spread out to cover comfortably on foot, especially on the Winter Solstice.  Instead we nipped into the (coincidentally) sauna-like Botanic Garden where I took this shot of the Christmas models.  They are beautiful, detailed sculptures but, tragically, NOT made of chocolate.  The Botanic Garden was decorated with hundreds of poinsettias, red and white (right and foreground). Beautiful but like a slightly whisky-scented Santa, clearly shipped in for the holidays. I find myself wondering, has anyone ever kept a poinsettia and got it to flower two Christmases in a row?  Where do all the poinsettias go to die?

Hank read my blog yesterday and reminded me about a fantastic comedian who opened the Edinburgh Festival with a commentary on the strange social interaction of Londoners.  Micky Flanagan, he might just be the next Eddie Izzard!

Micky Flanagan live at the Edinburgh Festival


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