Saturday, 18 December 2010

On a cold and wet December day, I touched the ground at JFK

Not really sure why... something to do with flights to New York being cheaper, but Hank's dad kindly came from Princeton (NOO JOISEY) to drive me to DC.  The weather has really closed in on London overnight and friends hoping to fly tomorrow risk being snowed in.

How does it feel to have left?  I had a wonderful send-off from the office, which included this adaptation of the Star Spangled Banner:

"Oh say can you see, by the fluorescent light
How so loudly we wail, because our Georgia's leaving
With great sighs and soft tears, and with hearts that are tight
We will bid her farewell, but we'll always be grieving.
With a flick of her hair, and a longing sad stare
She'll walk through the door, and then she won't be here
Oh say George do miss us and try to be brave
As we cry and we sob and we fondly do wave."

Needless to say it brought a tear to my eye and I was really really touched to feel so precious to these people who had, afterall, been forced to worked alongside me for two years. It is only natural that when you are compelled to leave, you realise how much you will be missing.

Here I sit with my laptop in my new house with my wonderful fiance.  But I miss you all....  So Hank and his pa took me on a little trip this morning.  To Celtic Acres Siberian Huskies Farm and suddenly I am feeling a little less lonely.  Check out this beauty.  We are posed tonight on the verge of buying this little little boy but what a massive lifestyle change this would mean.  Bloggers of England, the USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Croatia, France and wherever else you may be reading this,  I NEED YOUR COMMENTS!


  1. Its not even a decision darling ;-)

  2. You have to get him!

  3. I'm with Эсрушка: he will be yours.

    The next fun game is naming him. So many amusing ways to do it. I'll try and dig out the URL to another great blog from DC to demonstrate how this can be a group effort.


  4. Chris, I am really sorry that we won't get to name the puppy for now. I am definitely interested in other blogs from DC, though!


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