Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Last night in London

And I was copied into a surprising email to my fiance. Maybe I am overreacting and maybe this information, which an obliging work colleague sent him, was normal by US standards... Afterall everyone wants to know who their neighbours are, right? But I just can't help but feel this does not bode well.

Ok before you click on the link, bear in mind that Hank had asked this work colleague for some tips about where to hang out in our new neighbourhood (Capitol Hill NE) and the link was part of her response. The rest of her response focused on bars and cafes in the H Street area of DC and talked a bit about the average income being $60,000 lower north of H Street. But undeniably, the link itself was to give NYTimes readers information to narrow their property searches into areas for folk like them, and areas to avoid. And, most concerningly, would you send this link as part of a "welcome to the neighbourhood" email?

Now read and tell me if I am overreacting:


  1. Does this mean you have to find a green spot next to a red spot? There's a nice blue-green-red configuration in Census tract 8002 just opposite a yellow; they seem friendly.

    - SR

  2. Yeah but they have a really yappy dog...


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