Friday, 22 July 2011

Job update

Got a few things to fill you in on, buddy.

Let's start with the certificate from the Japanese embassy.  Remember this was the FINAL, agonising thing obstructing my fiance visa and I was told it would take 1-3 months to arrive?  So I was considering my options ....  Then a recruitment agency I'd casually registered with (back in May) called me out of the blue to say they had an opportunity with a large philanthropic organisation based in the USA, which has just opened a small office in London.  Was I interested in a four month contract in the UK?

They interviewed me twice and then offered me a really good rate and it was too much for me and Hank to consider turning down.  I started the four month contract and then, on day two on the job, I got a call from the Japanese Embassy telling me the certificate was ready.


So here I am, stuck in the UK now VOLUNTARILY!

At least I have a job, am making great contacts in the DC office, earning decent money and trying out a completely different line of work.   And, unlike my husky, I'm not melting in the 45 degree heat (that's 113 F to you Americans) of DC right now.   Silver lining?


  1. I just recently discovered this blog and I am loving it! I am a Brit down in Florida, so I melt in high temperatures pretty much every day, American heatwave, or no American heatwave!


  2. Hey paul - welcome! I just checked out your blog entries on K1 visas - yikes! I am glad it was not just me who found the whole process protracted and over-priced.

    Looking forward to reading more of your material!

  3. As you are in contract so you don't have many options wait till the contract date.


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