Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Home alone 7

Mum has headed off on her summer hols, leaving me home alone for seven days.  I spent last night at my sister's flat in north London then struggled home this evening on the cramped tube and grimaced my way through miserable rain to a cold and empty house.  Walking into the kitchen I was pleasantly surprised to find someone had left the heating on ... in just the kitchen?  Wait, wait .... Oh no!

Oh yes, I had left the one of the burners on the gas stove top switched on for 2 WHOLE DAYS and on top of the burner was a FRYING PAN.  Fortunately the pan contained only a few crumbs (I'm good at that first part of the process, the "take food out of pan, insert into greedy face" part - in fact that was probably what distracted me from the second part: "switch burner off, remove pan").

I recall that on Tues morning a cautious little voice in my head had said: "Pssst! Check you've switched the oven off since you are going away overnight."  I had laughed that off on my way out the door, the "sensible" voice in my head reasoning: "don't be silly!  Why would you have left the oven on?  You haven't even been into the kitchen in the past 24 hours!"


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