Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New End of the World

It's October 21st, people!  And this time I mean it.

That just about gives Obama time to get back to supervise the Rapture.  This could be his chance to shine!

Obe's trip to this side of the Atlantic has been interesting.  First a stint in Ireland, where the public introduction from the Prime Minister resembled Scarlett O'Hara's father's rant that "You're Irish!  The land is in our blood .... " while Obama smiled, silently envisaging the Irish American vote in next year's election.  For a person who has all his life refused to be labeled as "mixed race", he's doing a surprisingly good job of leveraging his European heritage.  I actually had to switch the TV off.

Back in DC, the Frenchman passed on Hank's offer of housing, in favour of something closer to work,  so Hank is interviewing other candidates this week.   Here in London, I'm taking up a local Fitness First's offer of a free five day trial and finishing my library copy of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, both fulfilling activities which cost me nothing.  This money-saving business could become addictive.

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