Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mum says I treat this place like a hotel ...

... But that is clearly untrue, because I don't pay the proprietor any money.

Two days in my childhood home and mum is already hiding the chocolate from me.  I've eaten a kilo of her cheddar cheese and a loaf of delightful poppy-seed bread; the things I've missed most about the UK.  Oh, and my mum, of course!  LOVE YOU, MUM!

After four months with no income, my quest to make some bloody money has intensified now that I'm back in the UK and bored.  Today I researched homestay websites with a view to Hank and me hosting exchange students, families or interns on Capitol Hill this summer.   Hank is not keen on sharing his TV with anyone else, but maybe he'll come round....

Option two involves me producing commercial artwork.  Don't laugh; I used to be quite good!  I'll see what I can come up with over the next few days and maybe even upload a few pics for your opinions.

Tomorrow, though, I will be weeding my mum's garden and planting out her veggie plants.  Maybe she'll slip me a few quid as pocket money.

I might even ask around for a paper round.

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